Client: Matetic, an ultra-premium Chilean winery.

Sector: Wine

Location: Chile

History: Matetic is a Chilean winery that was founded in 1999. The winery specializes in the production of high quality wines, organic practices and biodynamics.

Challenge: Matetic needed to integrate its sale to three audiences: general public, collaborators and premium customers, on a single website.

Project objective: Migrate its ecommerce website from Wordpress to Shopify and allow Matetic to sell its wines to all its audiences efficiently, effectively and with a high-end aesthetic.

Key ideas:

  • Three sales channels: The website offers three separate sales channels, one for each audience.
  • Personalization: The website offers a personalized shopping experience for each audience, with specific content and offers.
  • Security: The website uses a secure and reliable payment system to protect customer information.